Priscilla Griffin

Priscilla Griffin: Japa Healing Meditation

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Product Type: CD

Title: Japa Healing Meditation
Label: CD Baby

A japa meditation is a meditation in which we repeat a sound to help us enter into that deeper space within us. The sound I have chosen for this CD is the sound 'ah'. 'Ah' is the universal sound in the name of God. It is also a sound that requires no effort to make. In this meditation we focus on ten different words: Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Joy, Jesus, Buddha, God, Unity, Light and Healing. We then meditate on the space between the words. Within that space between the words we repeat the sound of 'ah' raising our vibrational energies to align with those of God, the higher power, universal life energy, or whatever word you want to use to describe that higher power. This is a powerful meditation that will help bring healing and happiness into your life.

1.1 Introduction - Priscilla Griffin
1.2 Meditation Round One - Priscilla Griffin
1.3 Meditation Round Two - Priscilla Griffin

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