Project Destati: Project Destati: DARKNESS

Project Destati: Project Destati: DARKNESS
Title: Project Destati: DARKNESS
Label: Materia Collective

In celebration of KINGDOM HEARTS and the stunning melodies of Yoko Shimomura, Utada Hikaru, Takeharu Ishimoto, and Tsuyoshi Sekito, we present Project Destati's second volume. DARKNESS is the highly-anticipated follow-up album to Project Destati's 2014 Billboard-charting soundtrack album 'LIGHT.' The album is a musical amalgamation of fan-favorite themes from the KINGDOM HEARTS series, re-assembled in an all-new fashion like long-forgotten memories. Featuring a live string orchestra and industry-leading soloists, DARKNESS is a dark, grand, and mysterious musical experience that aims to capture Tetsuya Nomura's own imagination.

1.1 Overture
1.2 Passion (Piano Duet)
1.3 Future Masters
1.4 Ventus
1.5 Aqua
1.6 Terra
1.7 Night of Fate
1.8 Organization XIV
1.9 Daybreak Town
1.10 The Silent Forest
1.11 Sacred Moon
1.12 Lord of Castle Oblivion
1.13 The 13th Struggle
1.14 Xion
1.15 At Dusk I Will Think of You
1.16 Missing You Namine
1.17 Cavern of Remembrance
1.18 Critical Drive
1.19 No More Bugs
1.20 Magical Mystery
1.21 Sweet Spirits
1.22 A Day in Agrabah
1.23 Bounce-O-Rama
1.24 Home of Dragons
1.25 Unbreakable Chains
1.26 A Fight to the Death
1.27 Dark Impetus
1.28 Darkness of the Unknown
1.29 Black Powder - the Final Union
1.30 Dearly Beloved II: Theme and Variations

Project Destati: Project Destati: DARKNESS

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