Project Paradis: Paradis 2 Deluxe

Project Paradis: Paradis 2 Deluxe
Title: Paradis 2 Deluxe
Label: Mad Decent
Product Type: VINYL LP

Mr. Carmack and Promnite have teamed up for a series of projects under the alias Project Paradis. Fusing gritty experimental sound design, hard-hitting production and dynamic machine-like soundscapes, Carmack and Promnite introduce a dystopian future where human freedom has come to an end with technological singularity manifesting itself in the form of tyrannical, artificially intelligent, all-robotic corporations, with one such corporation - Project Paradis© - whose purpose is to further the advancement of singularity.Carmack and Promnite delve deeper into the universe of Project Paradis© with Paradis 2 Deluxe - an intricately embossed gatefold with a double-vinyl comprised of both Paradis 1 and Paradis 2. The experience deepens with details such as raised soundwaves, scannable barcodes and detailed blueprints of the machines that have taken over.

1.1 Run It
1.3 PaaRRttYY
1.4 Mob Life
1.5 ODO
1.6 Mob Life (Tsuruda Remix)
1.7 ODO (Eprom Remix)
1.8 Run It (Alpha Remix)
1.9 Stockholm Syndrome
1.10 Cut 11
1.11 Cut 22
1.12 Give In
1.13 Bull Run
1.14 Fading

Project Paradis: Paradis 2 Deluxe

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