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Project Pitchfork: Look Up I'm Down There

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Product Type: CD

Title: Look Up I'm Down There
Label: Trisol

2017 release from the German electronic rock band. Since the dawn of time, man has been gazing at the night sky - longing, asking, searching and hoping. Are we truly alone in this dark cosmos? What's the meaning of it all? Wars, terror, hunger and pain - the 21st century is not exactly a benefiting epoch for humanity. Gazing outwards, though, is always like gazing inwards, too. Look Up, I'm Down There. We are right here, in the middle of you. What if we tell you the answers you are looking for are right here, in front of your very nose? What if we tell you there is still hope? This Project Pitchfork record is a turning point. The beginning of something new, built on the foundation of an unprecedented career. Look Up, I'm Down There is being released as a huge surprise, commemorating the 25th anniversary of this pioneering act. It is rewriting history once again, too. Like never before, Peter Spilles injects the entirety of his vast artistic work into a single release, embracing the myriad of inspirations, visions and sounds that have orbited him since day one. This is an album unique in it's musical thickness and yet proves to inspire and surprise every single second of it's duration. Thus, a precise musical categorization has become utterly obsolete. Being a project that single-handedly invented, hatched, nursed and boosted dark electro, Look Up, I'm Down There is nothing short of an awe-inspiring demonstration of darkly emotional music.

1.1 Into Orbit
1.2 Titnes
1.3 Propaganda Child
1.4 Blind Eye
1.5 Pandora
1.6 Look Up, I'm Down There
1.7 Volcano
1.8 Sunset Devastation
1.9 Open with Caution
1.10 Furious Numbers
1.11 Exile
1.12 Sky Eye

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