Project: Sanctified

Project: Sanctified: Reunion Communion

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Artist: Project: Sanctified
Title: Reunion Communion

A celebration of the music ministry of 19th Street Baptist church in Philadelphia. A combination of old fashion Sunday morning church music,the sacred,the hymn,and comtemporary. Something for everyone to enjoy.

1.1 Devotion from Requiem for Brother Martin
1.2 Devotion at 19th Street: Hold to Gods Unchanging Hand
1.3 Sermonic Song: I Need Thee
1.4 Blessed Assurance
1.5 Beside Still Waters (Prelude)
1.6 He Leadeth Me
1.7 Grace
1.8 Just to Behold His Face
1.9 Just to Behold (Reprise)
1.10 He Will Deliver
1.11 I Thank You Jesus
1.12 Don't Worry About It

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