Propo'88: Astronomic Delight

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Artist: Propo'88

Artist: Propo'88
Title: Astronomic Delight
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Astronomic Delight is the first producer album by Propo'88, known from hip hop collective Da Shogunz. The album theme style is loosely based on the jazz rock/fusion style of the '70s in it's artwork and sounds, and gives a nostalgic '90s hip hop feel. Astronomic Delight features various underground MC's and is entirely produced by Propo'88.

1.1 Alpha (Bringing the Beat)
1.2 Knowledge of Self
1.3 Dee Original Shit
1.4 The Anticipated
1.5 Extra Extra
1.6 My Typa Style
1.7 Amped Up
1.8 Who Are You
1.9 Nobody's Smiling (Astronomic Interlude)
1.10 Said So
1.11 Check
1.12 Omega (Astronomic Outro)

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