Pruda: Peace

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Artist: Pruda

Artist: Pruda
Title: Peace

Pruda Bass Walkman's new CD, 'PEACE', is inspired by the most high's one love, and for all living creatures. Pruda has a message of praise to be given, regardless of current conditions. Keep hope alive, and express yourself, your feelings, the creator understands. Including Lover's Rock solid grooves, Gregory Isaac stylie, easy listening, Pruda will sure enough play that bass for you and sing like a bird! Pruda also believes 'Just keep it nice, clean, righteous in Jah sight, live your life'.

1.1 Companionship
1.2 Hallelujah
1.3 Need Your Love
1.4 Electricity
1.5 Peace
1.6 Lonely
1.7 Monday
1.8 Jump-Up
1.9 Fruitful
1.10 Happiest/Saddest
1.11 Switches
1.12 Yes, I Can Give Thanks
1.13 Just Because You're Mine
1.14 Hallelujah Dub
1.15 Peace Dub
1.16 Lonely Dub
1.17 Happiest/Saddest Dub

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