Ptolem: All the Jewels of This Dead Sea

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ptolem

Title: All the Jewels of This Dead Sea
Label: CD Baby

For the follow-up to our first album the almagest (2007), we wanted to expand our sound both towards electronic solutions and towards orchestral soundscapes. For this, we enlisted a few friends who brought their excellent musicianship on board, for which we thank them warmly. François Deslarzes (Aloan) colored "archaic sun" with fiery six-stringed bravado, while Sam Albert (Helmut) added a trippy, vortexing solo on "colour filter". Also, we could hardly resist the deep, moving sounds of cellos; we feel thus very lucky to have one of today's prominent cellists, New York-based Paul Wiancko, adding his elegant lines to "shapeshifter", as well as the up-and-coming Maud Déruaz playing a beautiful melody in "epochs drifting". This latter track also features one of our favourite singers, Mashal Arman from the Kabul Ensemble, whose voice adds a poignant vibrancy to this intense piece. Other tracks such as "sunlit" and "cloud island" are twisted takes on dancefloor electronica, with space sitars and treated guitars in the mix, while "the lotus effect" is a soundtrack for electric dreams. Comics artist Patrick Saradar topped all that with haunting artwork, and here we are: all the jewels of this dead sea is out now for you to travel with us.

1.1 Sunlit
1.2 Archaic Sun
1.3 Submerged Neurotic Continents
1.4 The Lotus Effect
1.5 Colour Filter
1.6 Chronoclasmic Bends
1.7 Searching for the Reborn Sun
1.8 Elephantine Spectres
1.9 The Reptile Enclosure
1.10 Shapeshifter
1.11 Epochs Drifting
1.12 Cloud Island

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