Puente: Liars Sinner's Saints

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Artist: Puente

Artist: Puente
Title: Liars Sinner's Saints

Quotes, References, and Publications ...Puente's a 'roots' band... not 'roots rock', just ROOTS... they do REAL ROOTS MUSIC... I'm talking AMERICA, here, folks...'The Grapes of Wrath', or a blues bar in the backwaters of the French Quarter in New Orleans pre-Katrina... or in a hobo camp in the Thirties, or at one of the dances my granny took me to as a young child, or in the Cotton Club in Harlem in NYC in the fifties...could've been the 1890s, the 1930s, the Fifties, or last night...I LOVE PUENTE... ~ Mick Darwin 'This is from the heart of the real feeling of how music is supposed to be done...This is where you really express yourself' ~Stevo Schlemmer (KEOS 89.1 FM) I just sent you a selected message for the Sonicbids Spotlight (yay!) and I loved your songs so much... ~Aimee (spotlights@sonicbids.com) '...This project looks fun...' ~Eliot E. Rich (Bookings and Event Management, Castaways. Ithaca, NY) 'I would definitely call it Delta Blues.' ~Edison Freeman (Recording Engineer, Musician) "I would like to introduce you to Puente. ...fun, entertaining and dynamic... very original and insightful. Just keeps getting better. ' ~Graham Warwick (Blues Man, Booking Agent) "Hints of ragtime and swing co-mingle in a solid folk rock blues sauce to serve up a distinct and tasty dish we call "Progressive Americana a la Puente" ~Victoria Winters (Writer, Artist)

1.1 Reasons
1.2 Mama Don' 'Low
1.3 Old Mexico
1.4 Let's Take a Walk
1.5 Malty Blues
1.6 Oh No Woman
1.7 Darkness
1.8 Piney Woods
1.9 Ruby Red Pie
1.10 Harper's Tune
1.11 Orphan Girl
1.12 Do Lord
1.13 Down to the River
1.14 In the Pines

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