Purcell / Christophers

Purcell / Christophers: Royal Welcome King James II

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Artist: Purcell / Christophers
Title: Royal Welcome King James II

Despite being written for the celebration of royal occasions, Purcell's Royal Welcome Songs were penned during a time of immense disillusionment with the monarchy. Filled with humour as well as an ironic detachment from the politics of the time, Ye tuneful muses and Sound the trumpet fizz with the dramatic energy which characterized his later operas and mark a crucial turning point in Purcell's career. This programme showcases the variety and diversity of Purcell's writing, opening with the Chacony in G minor, which is among the great glories of music for strings, and including When on my sick bed I languish- an amazingly impassioned piece in which he bares his soul... quintessential Purcell! "It's a delicious 72 minutes of Restoration wit and lyrical charm, performed gracefully by Harry Christophers 'The Sixteen.'" (The Times on Purcell: The Indian Queen) "A performance like this shows dimensions of Purcell's genius that are all to rarely heard on disc." (Gramophone on Purcell: The Fairy Queen)

1.1 Chacony in G minor, Z730
1.2 When on My Sick Bed I Languish, Z144
1.3 True Englishmen Drink a Good Health
1.4 Symphony
1.5 Ye Tuneful Muses, Raise Your Heads
1.6 This Point of Time Ends All Your Grief
1.7 In His Just Praise Your Noblest Songs Let Fall
1.8 Try, Try Ev'ry Strain
1.9 From the Rattling of Drums and the Trumpet's Loud Sounds
1.10 With Him He Brings the Partner of His Throne
1.11 Happy in a Mutual Love
1.12 Whilst in Music and Verse Our Duty We Show
1.13 Lilliburlero
1.14 God Is Gone Up with a Merry Noise, Z107
1.15 A New Scotch Tune in G Major, Z655
1.16 Full Anthem, Z51, 'Save Me, Oh God'
1.17 Symphony
1.18 Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drum
1.19 Crown the Year and Crown the Day
1.20 To Caesar All Hail, Unequall'd in Arms!
1.21 Let Caesar and Urania Live
1.22 What Greater Bliss Can Fate Bestow
1.23 While Caesar Like the Morning Star
1.24 To Urania and Caesar Delights Without Measure

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