Pure Sweet Hell: Spitting at the Stars

Pure Sweet Hell: Spitting at the Stars
Title: Spitting at the Stars
Label: CD Baby

The latest in the history of this band is the latest self released 'SPITTING AT THE STARS' recorded in the fall of 2011. Though Van Williams is mostly known for his Heavy Metal drumming abilities which this latest record truly shows, he also leads the vocal helm once again, this time expanding and exploring his vocal ability from his Death growls to his Clean vocals on songs like 'Echoes of the End' and 'Coldest Winter' showing his true range as a vocalist. Joining this time around in the vocal department, the guys recruited Dean Sternberg (Into Eternity, Within Another) to add something extra to the songs and this has put the icing on the cake in making this albums sound one of a kind. The main 'Anomaly' in this group is the main vein and founder of Pure Sweet Hell Chris Eichhorn, without his unique music sensibility this would not exist. Chris is a guitar playing, Bass thumping, music writing freak (for lack of a better word) with musical influences ranging from HENDRIX to VOIVOD to PORCUPINE TREE. SPITTING AT THE STARS album also has some of today's best guitar wizards laying down their own styles making this record Truly Unique! Jeff Loomis, Attila Voros of NEVERMORE, Chris Amott from ARCH ENEMY, Glen Drover (MEGADEATH, KING DIAMOND) Steve Smyth (TESTAMENT, FORBIDDEN) and John Winters (HATEFIST) all put a little piece of their souls on this record. Metal, Rock, Thrash, Groove, Death, Goth, Funk, Sci-Fi, Technical, Avante Garde, Pure Sweet Hell has been labeled all these things and seem to be unified within that very own collective. The band just call it 'Metal....of some sort'...so just listen, groove and hopefully you will see and hear all of thee above and maybe let us know what you think they are. Good or Bad, Pure Sweet Hell is just enjoying simply being Themselves.

1.1 The Paradox of Suffering
1.2 Follow
1.3 Sickinside
1.4 Created
1.5 Hero
1.6 Architect
1.7 Echoes of the End
1.8 Against the Wall
1.9 Regret
1.10 The One
1.11 Beside a God
1.12 Coldest Winter

Pure Sweet Hell: Spitting at the Stars

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