Purple: 409

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Purple

Artist: Purple
Title: 409
Product Type: VINYL LP

Aptly referred to as a "party rock" group, Purple is sharp a tack in the department of making fast, hard, obviously punk-influenced music that's dripping with sustained energy and drive. That's a sentiment that's shared among the group members of this boy-girl-boy threesome of a group. "We're positive people," says guitarist Taylor Busby. "We're always looking for the party somewhere. Or maybe we are the party."

1.1 Wallflower
1.2 Double Nickels
1.3 Leche Loco
1.4 Beach Buddy
1.5 Thirteen
1.6 Target
1.7 Head on the Floor
1.8 Liquor
1.9 New Born
1.10 DMT

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