Purr Machine

Purr Machine: Starry

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Artist: Purr Machine

Artist: Purr Machine
Title: Starry

PURR MACHINE is a hybrid of alternative rock, gothic, bohemian, ethereal and electronica inflences, they hope the listener will be engulfed by the sound, not unlike some kind of drug to take away the pain, or perhaps establish it deep within. The history of Purr Machine started with the release of "Ging Ging" in 1999, followed by the "Speak Clearly" remix and since then, have participated in various compilations. Now they have an upcoming full length CD called "Starry" which promises to be a very heavy experience, an intoxicating cornucopia of catchy melodies, driving rhythms, and the band's trademark lyrical style. Some of the musical contributions on "Starry" consist of drums on several songs by Chris Vrenna, of "Nine Inch Nails/Tweaker" fame, and guitars on the song "Sister" by William Faith of "Faith and the Muse'. Statik from Collide did some loop treatments on the song 'Sad I'm Gone'. Guitarist, Kirk Hellie of Pink Noise Test, who also contributed his unique sound to "Ging Ging" also plays throughout "Starry". Byron Brown of "Mercurine" also plays guitar on "Starry" and he and Kirk have played with Purr Machine live on stage. Like previous Purr Machine releases, Starry resists pigeonholing into any one genre, Bringing freshness to subject matter as cliched as love, loss, sadness and hope isn't easy, but the songwriting team of frontwoman Betsy Martin (formerly of Caterwaul) and musician Kevin Kipnis (former Bassist of seminal goth rockers Kommunity FK) self-describe their sound as "snuggling under an electric blanket submerged in water". A Purr Machine song can sometimes be like a conversation with an old friend - there's an unspoken, direct, natural familiarity that draws you in without hesitation. Kevin's musicianship is first-rate, painting an irresistible sonic landscape, combined with the incomparable voice of Betsy Martin. Every thought and feeling is fully realized, every emotion clarified in her unique, distinctive croon. Siren and seductress, friend and confidante, she can whisper in your ear, or pull you to your feet and shake you. Once you are engulfed in the Purr Machine sound, you'll never forget it.

1.1 Get Close
1.2 Sad I'm Gone
1.3 Monkey Dreams
1.4 Neferious
1.5 Elastasized
1.6 Keep Me in Mind
1.7 Everlast
1.8 Starry
1.9 Ember
1.10 Choose Your Fire
1.11 Not Any More
1.12 The Warning
1.13 Holding Back the Tears
1.14 Universe
1.15 Sister

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