Putumayo Presents: Vintage Latino

Putumayo Presents: Vintage Latino
Title: Vintage Latino
Label: Putumayo World Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Imagine walking down a quiet street in an historic Latin American city - it could be Havana, Cartagena, Buenos Aires or one of many other cities filled with colonial-era Spanish architecture. The haunting strains of a romantic melody waft under the moonlight, pulling you towards a dimly lit café. You step inside and see dusty walls lined with black and white photos of legendary singers of the past and faded concert posters. The jukebox is playing a romantic bolero from the 1950s. Suddenly you are transported to another era, a time of romance and poetry when Latin America was finding it's voice and wooing the world with it's enchanting songs. There's nothing that acts as a musical time machine more than the classic sounds of Mexican and Cuban boleros, Cuban sones and guajiras, Argentinian tangos, Puerto Rican trios or Venezuelan llaneras. These are the styles that have echoed across Latin America for generations, sung by legendary singers that connect listeners through a shared nostalgia for an earlier era. In this modern world, where popular music seems particularly disposable and temporary, we hope that this collection of exceptional vintage songs from Latin America reminds you that great music truly can be timeless.

1.1 Trio Melodicos - "Perfidia" - Cuba
1.2 Rolando la Serie - "Mentiras Tuyas" - Cuba
1.3 République Démocratique Du Mambo - "Cha Cha Cha Para Ti" - France
1.4 Lágrima Ríos y Gustavo Santaolalla - "Un Cielo Para los Dos" - Uruguay
1.5 Armando Garzón - "Eso" - Cuba
1.6 Las Rubias Del Norte - "Piel Canela" - USA
1.7 Néstor Torres - "Tierra Colorá" - Puerto Rico
1.8 Orquesta la Moderna Tradición - "Juárez" - USA
1.9 Trio Zamora - "Chinita" - Cuba
1.10 Simón Díaz - "Despedida" - Venezuela
1.11 Arista - "Amantes" - Colombia
1.12 Yuri Buenaventura - "Bésame Mucho" - Colombia

Putumayo Presents: Vintage Latino

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