Qa'a: Chi'en

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Artist: Qa'a

Artist: Qa'a
Title: Chi'en

In this second album by Qa'a almost all the musical threads of the band are deepened; It's more hypnotic and repetitive, noisier and more dissonant, somewhat more abstract and at the same time more folk although there are less ambient/drone/free jazz parts than in their first album 'Vesprada'. It's a record of extremes, from nude moments to walls of dissonance and harrowing noise with a psychedelic production that has tons of layers, sounds and instruments thrown in for good measure. Hans Joachim Irmler from Faust, a professed fan, aided the band to mix and master the album at Faust Studio in Germany in early 2009. The album was released on Qa'a's own record label Màgia Roja in November 2009.

1.1 Eastdown Westdown
1.2 Speakerbox
1.3 Time Is Key
1.4 Peeling Off
1.5 She Provides
1.6 Chi'en

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