Qpqqqpq: R.I.P

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Qpqqqpq

Title: R.I.P
Label: CD Baby

QPQQQPQ made a full album that became the eighth by best. His life becomes a sound and is expressed. His sound always contained the message of 'Death'. He died really of this album'R.I.P'. And, it was reborn by extraordinary imagination. Please hear the sound that QPQQQPQ with which the overwhelming might overflows is new. 'QPQQQPQ' is a Band that Ken-zi writes music, produses and plays for himself. At Live, he plays with support members. 01/20/04 He participated in 'cornelius' '5.1 Plus Pm (DVD+CD )' Matador Records REMIX CD' No.08. Rinikanau Shirimetsuretsuna Kotoba Tekkai?? Version 2.4, under the name of"Samurai Distortion" 09/12/04 He started music activities under the name of 'QPQQQPQ'. 07/16/05 He recorded two pieces of music on VA Album 'Who else's is your music?'. December 12,2006 'Black System'. ccr-cd001 Cutie Cure Records December 24,2006 'white system'. ccr-cd002 Cutie Cure Records January 01,2007 'blue system'. ccr-cd003 Cutie Cure Records January 15,2007 'red system'. ccr-cd004 Cutie Cure Records March 21,2007 'Underground Dizzy Chainsaw'. ccr-cd005 Cutie Cure Records March 12,2008 'Testament'. ccr-cd006 Cutie Cure Records December 23,2008 'life'. ccr-cd007 Cutie Cure Records March 21,2010 'R.I.P'. ccr-cd008 Cutie Cure Records.

1.1 Desperation
1.2 Just Like You
1.3 Scoundrel
1.4 People Kill the Music
1.5 Zero
1.6 Geisha
1.7 Obscure
1.8 Lucky
1.9 1978
1.10 Brand New
1.11 It Was Able to Meet You and Was Really Good

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