Quagliarini / Duo Ardore

Quagliarini / Duo Ardore: Ricercare

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Product Type: CD

Title: Ricercare
Label: Stradivarius

"Excellent, outstanding, exemplary;" "conforming to the most perfect models;" "having a singular purity of lines;" "traditional." These are the various meanings, according to the Grande dizionario della lingua italiana, of the term "classic." From all these points of view, Marco Quagliarini is a classic. Certainly, his music is traditional in the sense that Quagliarini believes in music in the "classic" sense of the instrumental tradition - as a means to express one's thoughts, even the most complex, just like the Viennese classics, of the first and second school. His music surely has points of reference; namely, the classics, that is to say the examples that have been chosen to form a small fleet of excellent models from years of musical history. The result is classic in the sense of formal clarity, of extreme certitude of the ideas and the way of presenting them, in the alternation between horizontal lines and solid harmony. Of purity. Of technique (exemplary and controlled). And also the absence of compromises.

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