Quake City Jug Band

Quake City Jug Band: Cordon Bleu

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Title: Cordon Bleu
Label: CD Baby

Quake City Jug Band has been playing music in the San Francisco Bay Area for about fifteen years. We started out as a real jug band, with kazoos, washboard, and a jug. Our sound has evolved since the early days-- we only pull out the juggy instruments for special occasions, now. What remains, however is our jug- spirit, tap dancing, and our love of music from the first half of the 1900s. The band is a quartet, with a large family of guest artists who often play with us. Steve Scott plays mandolin and sings. Myron plays upright bass and harmonica (yes, at the same time), John Tuttle plays guitar and accordion. He also sings and arranges most of our material. Natasha Haugnes plays the snare drum, and sometimes guitar or washboard. She also sings and tap dances. Band practices for the past few years have always involved dinner around the table at Natasha and John's house. We were going to call this CD "The Dinner Party," but then the Cordon Bleu song came to Steve in a dream just as we started recording. We took it as a divine sign. (Steve writes one song a decade, like clockwork.) Big thanks to our families for their patience with our musical adventures, to Dennis Campagna for starting this whole QCJB phenomenon, to Faith Petric and the San Francisco Folk Club where we all met, and to all of our guest artists who maintain the utmost professional demeanor in the face of doggie and chicken sounds. Bon Appetit! Quake City Jug Band November 2010.

1.1 Cordon Bleu
1.2 Origin of Species
1.3 Sweethearts on Parade
1.4 'Tain't No Sin (Dance Around in Your Bones)
1.5 Bad Habit
1.6 My Dog Loves Your Dog
1.7 Twisted
1.8 Saint James Infirmary
1.9 My Walking Stick
1.10 Beale Street Pappa
1.11 Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby

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