Quasi: R&B Transmogrification

Quasi: R&B Transmogrification
Artist: Quasi
Title: R&B Transmogrification
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Quasi's (pronounced KWAH-zee) primary instrumentalist Sam Coomes played in the Donner Party before starting Motorgoat in 1992 with drummer Janet Weiss. After the dissolution of Motorgoat in 1993, Sam and Janet continued as Quasi, which grew from a side project that took in songs that didn't fit under Motorgoat's roof into a larger part of Sam and Janet's lives, eventually resulting in Quasi's 1995 debut, Early Recordings. Despite Sam joining Heatmiser and Janet taking over the drums for Sleater-Kinney, Sam and Janet continued to developQuasi, eventually crafting enough songs for a new album. On 1997's R&B Transmogrificatio Quasi comes further out of the Northwest woodwork with an album that rolled some of the most intense pop numbers up with the saddest lyrics you've ever heard. Recorded in a cold, Portland, OR basement during the winter of 1996, R&B Transmogrification served as an almost exact representation of the duo's amazing live sound. With a heavy emphasis on fuzz piano and "kinetic" drumming, guitars chime in spare and harmonious throughout the songs, showing the soulful grace hidden behind a thin veil of cacophony. This all lays the foundation for lyrical explorations of the apparently inexhaustible themes of death and the failure of love. But never have the two morose subjects sounded so beautiful and harmless.

1.1 Ghost Dreaming
1.2 Ballard of Mechanical Man
1.3 In the First Place
1.4 Bird's Eye View
1.5 Two Faced
1.6 Ghost Vs. Vampire
1.7 R;B Transmogrification
1.8 When I'm Dead
1.9 Sugar
1.10 My Coffin
1.11 Mama, Papa, Baby
1.12 Chocolate Rabbit
1.13 The Iron Worm
1.14 Clouds

Quasi: R&B Transmogrification

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