Quasimoto: Come on Feet B/W Boom Music & MHB

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Artist: Quasimoto

Artist: Quasimoto
Title: Come on Feet B/W Boom Music & MHB
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Lord Quas, Madlib and Melvin Van Peebles on some fantastic, nightmarish planet, tripping hard. As hallucinatory a hip hop experience as you can possibly hope to experience without mushrooms. For some reason, the remix was featured first, and, as a result was the version featured on The Unseen album. So peep the original version - available only on this 12."

1.1 Come on Feet (Remix)
1.2 Come on Feet (Instrumental)
1.3 Come on Feet (Album Version)
1.4 Boom Music (Vocal)
1.5 Boom Music (Instrumental)
1.6 MHB's (Vocal)

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