Queen Anne's Revenge

Queen Anne's Revenge: Just One Umbrella?

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Title: Just One Umbrella?
Label: CD Baby

The second batch of songs from The Highlands-based song writers. Just over the other side of the mainstream, QAR keep knocking out the mini classics for the thoughtful. Like most piratical vessels, the scum that actually sail the ship are mostly pressed. On the anniversary of their first mutiny they described Nick Turner as \' A sullen mixture of cynicism and bitter under-achievement, vented through lyrics lit by the simmering glow of imagined slights and invented discrimination\' Findlay Napier was similarly indentured as \' at least having the wit to disguise his raging ego with a reeking display of false modesty\'.

1.1 Just One Umbrella
1.2 Here We Go Again
1.3 They're Playing Our Song
1.4 The Note
1.5 He's Broken Everything
1.6 A Son of the Circus
1.7 Blizzard in a Glass Paperweight
1.8 Just Me and You
1.9 When Harry Met Charlie
1.10 Cut Me Off
1.11 Carraig Fhada
1.12 The Point of No Return
1.13 Black and Blue
1.14 Nothing But Time on Her Hands
1.15 What Is the World Coming Too?
1.16 Let Them Fall
1.17 The Boys That Fly

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