Quincy Davis

Quincy Davis: Songs in the Key of Q

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Artist: Quincy Davis

Artist: Quincy Davis
Title: Songs in the Key of Q

This is a wonderful debut album by Quincy Davis, who has long been highly regarded as one of the great jazz drummers of his generation. In this album, listeners can finally enjoy a compelling glimpse into the mind and soul of Davis as a composer. He is joined by a stellar band: Dayna Stephens (tenor sax), Warren Wolf (vibraphone), Xavier Davis (piano), Vicente Archer (bass) and Richie Goods (electric bass, 1 track). Davis' music can be described as very 'melodic, sophisticated, introspective, soulful and catchy'. His playing can be described as simply 'refreshing'. While the roots of jazz are deeply embedded throughout the album, you will hear no cliches what-so-ever.

1.1 Everybody's Peace
1.2 Walnut Creek
1.3 Soar
1.4 Ponder This
1.5 Cold Rain
1.6 See You Tomorrow
1.7 Epiphany
1.8 Matter Factual
1.9 Erica's Song
1.10 Ponder This (Reprise)

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