Quintetto Bislacco

Quintetto Bislacco: Jokes

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Artist: Quintetto Bislacco
Title: Jokes

1.1 Unter Donner Und Blitz (Thunder and Lightning), Polka Schnell for Orche
1.2 Libertango, Tango
1.3 Pizzicato Milongueado, Tango
1.4 [Excerpt]
1.5 [Excerpt]
1.6 Le [Excerpt]
1.7 Western Suite
1.8 Michelle
1.9 Perpetuum Mobile, for Orchestra
1.10 La Muerte Del Ngel, Tango (From Ngel Series)
1.11 Danza Celtica
1.12 The Man I Love, Song (From Strike Up the Band, 1st Version; Orig. Composed
1.13 Bislacco Swing, for String Quintet
1.14 Melodia en la Menor (Melody in a Minor), for Bandone N ; Strings
1.15 Purple Haze
1.16 Mitoka Dragonmirna

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