Quintron: Sucre Du Sauvage

Quintron: Sucre Du Sauvage
Title: Sucre Du Sauvage
Label: Goner Records

2011 album from multi-instrumentalist Robert Rolston AKA Quintron. Imagine being a kid in 2010 and finding yourself on a trip to the famous New Orleans Museum of Art. You pass by the Rodin sculpture on the grand marble stairway and the vaults of ancient Japanese pottery on the third floor; you breeze through the French impressionists, the Faberge collection, the Joseph Cornell and the Warhol's in the modern wing. Then suddenly you pass through a soundproof glass door into a room with a crazed looking person wearing headphones, banging on an organ and screaming into an old microphone. Is this an exhibit? the cacophonous display is indeed behind a velvet rope with a sign cautioning US not to speak to the screaming man. Why do portraits of sexy ladies cover every inch these solemn white walls? What the @#!& is going on here? Witness the recording of the latest Quintron album, Sucre du Sauvage ("Sugar of the Savage").

1.1 Ring the Alarm
1.2 Face Down in the Gutter
1.3 New Years Night
1.4 Kicked Out of Zolar X
1.5 Banana Beat
1.6 Sucre Du Sauvage
1.7 All Night Right of Way
1.8 Spirit Hair
1.9 Elevator
1.10 Deer in the Clouds
1.11 Bells
1.12 Train Ride
1.13 Jazz Bar
1.14 Morning

Quintron: Sucre Du Sauvage

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