R. Carlos Nakai

R. Carlos Nakai: Mythic Dreamer - Music For Native American Flute

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Product Type: CD
Artist: R. Carlos Nakai

Title: Mythic Dreamer - Music For Native American Flute
Label: Canyon Records

This collection of traditional and new melodies for solo Native American flute continues R. Carlos Nakai's exploration of this expressive instrument. Returning to traditional roots, he presents eleven arrangements of Zuni, Lakota, Kiowa and Cheyenne melodies along with seven original compositions and a work by composer by James DeMars. Nakai beautifully demonstrates the haunting simplicity and evocative magic of the traditional flute.

1.1 Corn Grinding Song
1.2 The World How Fair
1.3 See the Rainbows
1.4 Fox Song
1.5 Elk Dreamer's Song
1.6 The Great Mystery Hears Me
1.7 Summer Solstice
1.8 Antelope Song
1.9 Begging Song
1.10 Victory Song
1.11 Eagle Flute Song
1.12 Ealges Gathering
1.13 Silver Salmon Bear
1.14 Rocks and Rills
1.15 Coyote Wind
1.16 Swallows and Night Hawks
1.17 Inner Voices
1.18 Lake That Speaks

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