R. Carlos Nakai: Talisman

R. Carlos Nakai: Talisman
Title: Talisman
Label: Canyon Records

Talisman celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of R. Carlos Nakai's first release, Changes, and returns to the pure, haunting sound of the Native American flute unaccompanied by other instruments. Talisman is a continuous soundscape as Nakai alternates songs for one flute and songs for two flutes in a rich tapestry of music so soothing, it unwrinkles mind and soul.

1.1 Song of Darkness
1.2 Obsidian Talisman
1.3 Coyote Calling
1.4 Celestial Realm
1.5 Sun's House
1.6 Glimmering Dawn
1.7 Cedar Breeze
1.8 Happiness Carries Me
1.9 Tranquility
1.10 White Shell Talisman
1.11 Pollen Path
1.12 Wisdom's Edge
1.13 Sunrise Prayer, in Beauty

R. Carlos Nakai: Talisman

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