R. Kelly: Love Letter

R. Kelly: Love Letter
Artist: R. Kelly
Title: Love Letter

In a musical landscape dotted with one hit wonders, R. Kelly is embarking on the next chapter in an almost 20 year and counting success story. As a three time Grammy Award winner, the Chicago native reigns as the King of R&B with six #1 albums, eleven #1 singles and twelve consecutive platinum albums. Now, the King of R&B is about to prove, yet again, that he is the most diverse and innovative artist of our time. R. Kelly's new album LOVE LETTER stylistically pays tribute to legends such as Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye. The three time Grammy winners lead single, "When a Woman Loves," draws on both his R&B roots and his undeniable pop prowess to make a modern day soul classic.

1.1 Love Letter Prelude
1.2 Love Letter - 2nd Single
1.3 Number One Hit
1.4 Not Feelin' the Love
1.5 Lost in Your Love
1.6 Just Can't Get Enough
1.7 Taxi Cab
1.8 Radio Message
1.9 When a Woman Loves - 1st Single
1.10 Love Is
1.11 Just Like That
1.12 Music Must Be a Lady
1.13 A Love Letter Christmas
1.14 How Do I Tell Her?
1.15 [Untitled Hidden Track]

R. Kelly: Love Letter

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