R-Mean: Nah Mean Mixtape 1

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Artist: R-Mean

Artist: R-Mean
Title: Nah Mean Mixtape 1

R-MEAN...a brief history. In an industry where talent seems to have been lost in the shuffle of an increasingly difficult music market, R-mean proves that talent can still rise above all. His lyricism is a gift that is comparable to no other, a style reminiscent of Nas and Eminem and a flow that will leave you mesmerized and wanting more. R-Mean (Armin Hariri) was raised by his single mother after she was left a widow due to her husband's shocking and untimely death. He bore witness to the constant struggle his mother faced raising two young boys on her own, which left him with a sense of anger and frustration. Choosing the right path in life became the only option for R-mean who grew up in an environment where drug use surrounded him. He began to pursue his goal of becoming a professional basketball player; however that dream was shattered due to a knee injury that would take him out of the game forever. And so he turned to his pen. As an Armenian American he has already broken barriers by becoming the first of his kind to get recognition in the Hip Hop community and culture. In addition, he recently graduated from Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Another characteristic that completely sets him apart from the average Hip Hop artist today. After living in Amsterdam for the better part of his youth, R-mean returned to his birthplace of Los Angeles where he met an up and coming music producer by the name of "Blind" who had faced his own share of adversity. As a result of a drive-by shooting in Pasadena, CA, Blind was shot in his face, losing his eyesight permanently. Joining together with the similar goal of music in mind, they formed the Pentagon crew. The name symbolizes the five angles of a pentagon; four of which represent the four corners of the world (east, west, north, south) and the fifth angle which signifies the Lord, who "guides us through everything." R-mean's resume and music speak for themselves. His unconventional lyricism and vision propel him to "speak the bottom of his heart from the top of his lungs." With more than 13,000 records sold independently, airplay on major radio stations around the world, and sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop today (incl. Nas, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and many more), 'R Dash Mean' has already built a large following independently. His unique blend of hypnotic lyrics and captivating beats has already been compared to legendary names proving his potential to one day become a legend himself and leave his mark on Hip Hop...and the world.

1.1 Game on Lock (Feat. Mic)
1.2 Hallelujah
1.3 Crocodile Tearz
1.4 Break U Off
1.5 Obama Swagger (Feat. Tha Vill)
1.6 Die 4 This (Feat. Capital Z)
1.7 Soldier Up
1.8 Insomniac
1.9 Fly Away (Feat. Soseh)
1.10 Off the Chain
1.11 Have My Baby (Feat. Jadon)
1.12 Smoke That la Remix (Feat. Chino XL)
1.13 Champion Shit (Feat. Tha Vill)
1.14 When I Die
1.15 Welcoming
1.16 Life Sentence
1.17 Opposite of Silence

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