R.U.S.T.X: Center Of The Universe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: R.U.S.T.X

Title: Center Of The Universe
Label: Pitch Black Records

The level of musicianship in "Center of the Universe" is beyond perfect and the band sounds completely harmonious and in perfect unity. Not surprising since, not only all band members are seasoned musicians, but all four are siblings (!), 3 brothers and their sister, who apart from their instruments, they all share vocal duties! A most definite (and amazing) family affair!

1.1 Defendre Le Rock
1.2 Running Man
1.3 Black Heart
1.4 I Stand to Live
1.5 Endless Skies
1.6 Center of the Universe
1.7 Widow's Cry
1.8 Wake Up
1.9 Dirty Road (CD bonus track)
1.10 Band on the Run (CD bonus track)

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