Rachael Kilgour

Rachael Kilgour: Will You Marry Me?

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Artist: Rachael Kilgour

Artist: Rachael Kilgour
Title: Will You Marry Me?

'Will You Marry Me?' is Kilgour's second album, following her self-titled debut album released in December 2008. 'This album is not just about getting married,' Kilgour explains. 'It is more about what marriage is actually like when you have been doing it for a while and you see what a big thing you've committed to. And then also it's tied to the current marriage debate, the gay marriage debate, which I am fully a part of. I thought 'Will You Marry Me?' was an appropriate title for the times and the content of the CD.' Kilgour sings about love and family, but even more memorable are her songs about human nature, societal shortfalls and our own potential to create change. Shortly after the release of her debut album she announced her intent to share the proceeds from all of her live concerts with local organizations and charities in each community she visits. Kilgour proves we really can make a difference in our communities and beyond by her commitment to give back financially. She aims to put her money where her mouth is and inspires others to do the same. So far Kilgour has donated to food shelves, homeless shelters, antiwar organizations and environmental groups across the region.

1.1 Snowplow
1.2 Will You Marry Me
1.3 Dirty Girl
1.4 He'll Save Me
1.5 Before You Leap
1.6 Galalee
1.7 I Do
1.8 Warrior Games
1.9 Touch Your Woman
1.10 I Know I Will
1.11 Love You

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