Rachel Williams: Lovers & Liars

Rachel Williams: Lovers & Liars
Title: Lovers & Liars
Label: CD Baby

Review from Bob Oermann of Music Row Magazine on Rachel's current single, 'You Let Me' @ MusicRow 07/17/09 -Righteously rocking, with a soaring, power-packed vocal performance. Eminently playable. MORE REVIEWS "The most soulful female vocalist since Wynonna. Rachel Williams possesses all the qualities of a major star in the making." - Clint Higham Exec. VP, Morris Management Group "Last year I had the chance to review an album by Rachel Williams. In my almost two years of reviewing projects for Music News Nashville, I don't think I have came across one any better. " - Chuck Dauphin Music News Nashville "She has the goods. This creeps up on you with cat's paws. The languid pace, echoing instruments, spacious production and her hushed, aching delivery are all immensely seductive.... And her falsetto leaps in the bridge are like little daggers to the heart. A mini masterpiece. This, by the way, is the third single in a row that I have raved about from this performer. So program her, already." - Robert K Oermann Music Row "In my feature Four New Ladies of Country, I tipped this young lady for the top. She hasn't made it yet, but if she keeps releasing top quality tunes as can be found on this great new release, then fame should not be far away. Rachel has a tremendously powerful voice like her singing idol, Wynonna. As well as having one helluva voice, Rachel is also a mighty fine songwriter. Rachel Williams has all the qualities to be a very big star, and I still stand by my original prediction that fame is just round the next corner for this exceptionally talented young singer-songwriter."" -Dave Knolls Maverick Magazine "I don't remember the last time I saw someone at this point in their career that was as mature a performer and sure of their instrument as she was. I take that back. I do. It was a little group called Alabama I saw in Myrtle Beach, SC, in 1980, just after they signed to RCA Records. She is as strong a talent, as confident of what she is saying and how she is saying it and has as much an appeal to the rank-and-file country fan as anyone I have ever seen." - John Dotson APA Artist Management 'The first time I saw Rachel Williams perform I was blown away. Having been to every kind of showcase known to man over my twenty-plus years in Nashville I am not easily blown away. What struck me more than her stellar pipes and great song selection was her poise on stage in between songs. She is more than just a good singer...she is an honest to goodness entertainer!" - Karen Staley Hit Songwriter, Take Me As I Am "I've seen many talented people come through the hallowed gates of Nashville. Rachel Williams however is one of those rare diamonds that appears once in a long while. Her gifts and talents as an artist and writer can't be described on the page. She is a must see." - Stewart Harris Hit Songwriter, No One Else On Earth Rachel Williams' music truly is music with no boundaries that just about everyone can identify with. At it's core are all the elements of country but this girl's practically created a genre of her own. Merge Nashville with Motown and then mix in a bit of edgy pop-rock and you begin to get an idea of her captivating sound. Her idol's, Wynonna and Bonnie Raitt, influences are apparent. Continue listening and the sounds of Stevie Wonder soul will make you wanna dance as Seger style riffs will satisfy your need to rock. Put all that together with the relatable lyrics that hit close to home and show off Rachel's range of vocal ability and you'll put these tracks on repeat and rock out all night long. TRACK BY TRACK UNBROKEN GROUND New relationships are always a risk. The more you invest, the greater the stakes. But if it's right, then it's obviously worth it in the end. But how will you ever know how good love can be if you don't step outside your comfort zone, look beyond what you think you know, and dig a little deeper? This song talks about how love's not always going to be easy, but that she thinks this guy is worth taking the plunge and going where they've never gone before...opening up, venturing into unchartered waters, and ultimately...breaking ground. YOU LET ME Break-ups suck. They hurt no matter how you look at it. I'd just been fresh off my latest break-up and was definitely feeling the aftermath, therefore, talking about it non-stop the entire week after. Luckily, my co-writers didn't seem to mind. So they sat there, as I went through the whole situation, the scene of that night, and half a box of Kleenex. I debuted the song at the legendary Bluebird Cafe two days after we finished writing it and it came off great! The response was so overwhelming positive, and I felt more enlightened and empowered each and every time I performed it. Now, fully recovered, it's still one of my favorite songs I've ever written! I feel like I turned my heartache into something catchy and relatable! WHAT IF WE DO There's always that chance that when you meet someone new and you get your hopes up, that they are not going to turn out to be 'the one' for you. However, how exciting to think that maybe this IS 'it'! It'd be a whole lot safer to not even try, but you might be missing out on that one great love you've been waiting for. I've never been too good with writing happy, love songs, but for some reason, this one came easy for me and my co-writer. The song took on a whole new life once we got it in the studio. The groove is infectious and yet, simple. Just the way love should be, right? A WOMAN TO LOVE I'll admit it, I too am guilty of settling for the 'less than perfect' guy/relationship because it was better than being lonely. However, once you come to the realization that you deserve better, there's no going back. No girl will ever be happy being second-best, or left trying to read his mixed signals. This song is about loving yourself enough to know that you're worth holding out for...you're a woman worth being faithful to, worth falling head over heels in love with, and not settling until you find someone who feels the same. I wrote this song along with Karleen Watt and a dear friend of mine, Bruce Holloway, who unfortunately passed away in the spring of 2009. I remember talking about how impossible dating seemed to a woman in her young 20's. So here was this big, body-builder, Austrailain teddy bear who said 'Yes, let's write about this...tell me more.' And you know me, I more than willingly obliged. Out came this song that is a dating anthem for all women out there...thanks for listening, Bruce! IN BETWEEN I'm an all or nothing type of girl. I don't know many people who can deal with the whole 'we're not dating anymore, but we're not exactly 'just friends' either' situation and be truly happy. My co-writer started playing the opening chords of this song on the guitar and I just sang whatever fell out of my mouth. I love this song because it's different from anything I've recorded in the past. I imagine myself in a blues club and seeing the singer onstage, with just a piano and a microphone, singing this song especially for me. LOVERS & LIARS This song was practically torn out of my diary and then recorded for the world to hear. Luckily enough, there are more than enough people in this world that can get what I'm feeling here. In my opinion, nothing resonates like a sad song. I think that the frustration one feels with not being able to tell the difference between a lover or a liar is something that hits a little too close to home for everyone. Thus, being the reason that I chose this song to be the title track. WHERE MY LINE IS Growing up is hard to do. Growing apart is even harder. When you see someone for who they truly are, and it's not pretty, then it'll never be the same. That relationship is changed forever. For once, this song wasn't written about a love interest, but even still, someone that I put it on the line for. Everyone wants to give the ones they love the benefit of the doubt, that second chance. But when the truth

1.1 Unbroken Ground
1.2 You Let Me
1.3 What If We Do
1.4 A Woman to Love
1.5 In Between
1.6 Lovers ; Liars
1.7 Where My Line Is

Rachel Williams: Lovers & Liars

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