Radkey: Delicious Rock Noise

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Radkey

Title: Delicious Rock Noise
Label: Another Record Co.

Comic Books, Rock N' Roll, Video Games, Home School'd, Skateboards, Pizza, and Dad's record collection. Few bands understand the essence of rock sharpened to it's primal essence like Radkey. Barely out their teens, the three brothers Radke (the band-name being a play on their family name) have already distinguished themselves with a sound that reflects and rivals the likes of The Misfits or Volbeat with a live show to match. Delicious Rock Noise is a lean, mean, punk-infused riot of their very own not soon to be forgotten.

1.1 Dark Black Makeup
1.2 Romance Dawn
1.3 Love Spills
1.4 Parade It
1.5 Best Friends
1.6 Le Song
1.7 Hunger Pain
1.8 Feed My Brain
1.9 Sank
1.10 Song of Solomon
1.11 Evil Doer
1.12 Glore
1.13 Feel
1.14 Marvel
1.15 Teen Titans Theme

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