Rafael Kubelik: Symphonies 1-10

Rafael Kubelik: Symphonies 1-10
Title: Symphonies 1-10
Label: DG Imports

Rafael Kubelik's highly chromatic, poetic Mahler recordings have been staples in Duetsche Grammophon's catalogue since their inception. Tempos overall tend to be quicker than the norm (Symphony No. 8 for instance fits conveniently on one CD), yet never at the expense of glossing over the composers renowned wealth of inner details. Many Mahler aficionados still regard Kubelik's readings here of the Symphonies No. 1 and No. 7 as reference recordings. Distinguished soloists include Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Edith Mathis, Norma Proctor, Franz Crass, and Julia Hamari. The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra as well as the various outstanding choirs employed throughout the cycle couldn't be more in sync with Kubelik's inspired visionary interpretations.

1.1 Symphony No.1 in D
1.2 Symphony No.2 in C minor - "Resurrection"
1.3 Symphony No.3 in D minor
1.4 Symphony No.3 in D minor
1.5 Symphony No.10 in F Sharp (Unfinished)
1.6 Symphony No.4 in G
1.7 Symphony No.5 in C Sharp minor
1.8 Symphony No.6 in A minor
1.9 Symphony No.7 in E minor
1.10 Symphony No.8 in E Flat - "Symphony of a Thousand"
1.11 Symphony No.9 in D

Rafael Kubelik: Symphonies 1-10

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