Ragged Jack

Ragged Jack: Life Is a Wheel

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Artist: Ragged Jack

Artist: Ragged Jack
Title: Life Is a Wheel

With roots as diverse as Hank Williams and Bob Dylan to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ragged Jack is difining the direction of todays new American Country Rock. Not since the days of the early Eagles and Poco and Pure Prairie League, The Ozark Moutain Daredevils or The Outlaws, has there been a band come along with fresh new real material and a live act to boot as exciting as this group. These guys have a rich well they pull their bucket up from!! Don't miss 'em. For their sophmore effort they took their already polished songs to Nasville producer Jamie LaRitz (Brett Michaels of Poison.., Henry Paul of The Henry Paul Band and The Outlaws) and co-producer Mike Kinnamon (Grammy award nominees Bering Strait). Together with songwriter and lead vocalist Lyman Ellerman they produced twelve outstanding tracks. These songs are a labor of love in essence covering dreams and wishes and false expectations. Hopes, lonliness and loss. Even a few doses of lightheartedness mixed in for good measure.

1.1 Go Time
1.2 Drunk on You
1.3 Life Is a Wheel
1.4 Bail Out the Water
1.5 Sangamon Mud
1.6 Let Go
1.7 Oh Oh
1.8 Castle Into Clay
1.9 If Black Was White
1.10 47 Pound Rooster
1.11 Oughta' Be a Law
1.12 What We've Got Coming

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