Rainbow: Anthology

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Artist: Rainbow

Artist: Rainbow
Title: Anthology

2009 two CD anthology from the classic British rockers formed by guitar hero Ritchie Blackmore. This double disc set spans almost the entire career of Rainbow and is a celebration of all that was great and then greater still with the Anglo-American Heavy Rock giant. From their first incarnation with vocalist Ronnie James Dio whose fantasy sword n' sorcery lyrics shaped the early image of the band and whose significant presence takes-up the entire first disc, through to the chart scaling heights enjoyed with the Graham Bonnet line-up and the likes of 'Since You Been Gone' and then finally ending with the smooth-throated delivery and U.S. AOR styling's brought by Joe Lynn Turner, all the hits and more are crammed into this attractive package. With a nod also to Blackmore's curious sense of humor and the addition of tracks such as, 'Snowman' and a previously unreleased live rendition of 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' from 1980's Monsters of Rock Festival, this release stands-out significantly from previous hits collections in both content and execution. Universal.

1.1 Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
1.2 The Temple of the King
1.3 Man on the Silver Mountain (Album Version)
1.4 Still I'm Sad
1.5 Tarot Woman
1.6 A Light in the Black
1.7 Stargazer (Album Version)
1.8 Catch the Rainbow (Live)
1.9 Intro: Over the Rainbow / Kill the King (Live)
1.10 Gates of Babylon
1.11 Lady of the Lake
1.12 L.A. Connection
1.13 Eyes of the World
1.14 Since You've Been Gone (Album Version)
1.15 Lost in Hollywood
1.16 Weiss Heim
1.17 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Live from Donnington)
1.18 I Surrender (Album Version)
1.19 Vielleicht Das Nachster Mal
1.20 Jealous Lover
1.21 Stone Cold (Album Version)
1.22 Death Alley Driver
1.23 Eyes of Fire
1.24 Can't Let You Go (Album Version)
1.25 Street of Dreams (Album Version)
1.26 Snowman
1.27 Stranded (Live at St. David's Hall, Cardiff/1983)
1.28 All Night Long (Live at David's Hall, Cardiff/1983)

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