Raintree: For a Little While

Raintree: For a Little While
Title: For a Little While
Label: CD Baby

Most of these songs are about a physically and mentally difficult year in my family's life. Everyone was sick in one way or another and seemed to be staying that way. All the while, I was secluded in a small room away at my first year of college, feeling quite sick myself. The first two songs are about a couple of close friends of mine who have intellectual and physical disabilities, respectively. These stories of suffering vary in severity and manifestation, but they all led to a greater understanding of the only One who deserves glory, despite how many times I turned away.

1.1 Summer Friend
1.2 Half
1.3 Visitor
1.4 Made of Wood
1.5 Our Little Wind
1.6 David
1.7 From Missouri
1.8 You Are Taller Than Me
1.9 The Caretaker
1.10 The Catcher

Raintree: For a Little While

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