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Raju Lama: Mongolian Heart 5

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Artist: Raju Lama

Artist: Raju Lama
Title: Mongolian Heart 5

Mongolian Heart Mongolian Heart is one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed Nepali bands of all time having won dozens of awards and nominations. The band became official in 1992 and has been in great demand ever since. In their musical journey of more than two decades, they have released about eight albums including "Donbo" a traditional Tamang album that has a feel of pure Nepali 'Selo.' Their genre of music inspires and holds the essence of being Nepali bonded together with love, culture and various ethnic groups and has taken the Nepali pop industry to a different level. Although the band specializes on a fusion of traditional folk and pop music that uses a combination of native and western instruments, it has experimented with all genres including Nepali folk, pop, rock and reggae. Raju Lama, the lead singer and founder of the band has traveled around the globe as a performer lifting Nepali spirits wherever he goes. The band split in 2007 and added new members but Raju Lama has stayed ever faithful to the Nepali fans and followers. Besides,Mongolian heart is equally involved with different charities and at the moment they are working as a Brand ambassador for Childreach Nepal a UK based non profit organization. And they have registered Raju lama foundation a non profit organization and supporting shree Yangrima primary school in sindhupalchowk,Baruwa-1, Sunchour in collaboration with GMIN a New York based Charity organization. Raju Lama and his band Mongolian Heart is the heartbeat of every Nepali, and has been an idol for many young musicians and singers of the country. Released albums: Soltini 1994 Mongolian Heart 1996 Mongolian Heart vol 2 1999 Mongolian Heart Vol 3 2002 Mongolian Heart Vol 4 2006 Mongolian Heart Vol 5 2009 Mongolian Heart Vol 6 2012 Band members Boby Lama - Guitar Santosh Thapa - Drums Kiran Nagarkoti - Lead Guitar Dipendra man Singh - Keyboard Pawan Kapali - Bass guitar List of hit Songs 1. Ubho ubho Khasa, 2. Badal Pariko 3. Natanu ta tanu lagne 4. Gajalu tika 5. Shayad Timro 6. Timilai Daekhaera 7. Parkhai ma 8. Halla Chalecha 9. Mero Nepal 10 Llakhou Kosis 11.Lako Maya laina nabhana, 12.Ma Maya Laudina, 13 Yo junima 14. Oye nana 15.Dil basyo 15.Hey Deuta 16.Chhoto cha jindagi Awards: Sajjan Smriti pop song competition winner 1995 Music Nepal Gold Medal 1999 Music Nepal largest Selling Album of the year 2002-2003 Hits FM Music Awards for best vocal performance with group or duo 2002 Aha pop music award Pokhara: Best Vocal performance with group or duo with Vocal 2003 Kantipur FM award for highest airplay of the year 2002-2003-2004 Image Award: Best vocal performance with group or duo 2008.

1.1 Halla Chalecha
1.2 Dil Basyo
1.3 Yeti Dherai
1.4 Yo Junima
1.5 Manma Chha Nepal
1.6 Maaf Garideu
1.7 Timro Ra Mero
1.8 Chhoto Chha
1.9 Sumnima
1.10 Rinzin Wangmo (Tibetan)
1.11 Kati Ramro

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