Rake & the Surftones: Rake & Surftones : Surfers Drive Woodies

Rake & the Surftones: Rake & Surftones : Surfers Drive Woodies
Title: Rake & Surftones : Surfers Drive Woodies
Label: CD Baby

Surf's new rock and shock wave is sweeping the world. Rough and tough guitars in a blast from the past back to the future.... Put on your dancing shoes and let's party all summer long! The album you need is SURFERS DRIVE WOODIES by RAKE and the Surftones. Twice Grammy awarded and 12 times nominated Los Angeles top songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, producer, arranger, engineer, and more - Jay Graydon alias RAKE himself, is now making the Japanese version (18 tracks) of his surf album available to the rest of the world! This is an album which will take you back to the sixties when the surf music waves were high. It is recorded in a surf style (Dick Dale, Ventures type of thing) with a host of the best studio musicians in the world, such as Dean Parks (Steely Dan), Steve Lukather (Toto), David Hungate (Toto), John Ferraro, Joseph Williams (Toto), Jason Scheff (Chicago) and many more. Can you picture it....feel it....smell it......? Close your eyes and look inside your mind. The band with their red guitars (they used to be red, didn't they?) on the temporary stage at the school gym, the spotty boys with clammy hands stinking of Daddy's aftershave, the wallflowers in the dark corners guarding the purses of their more fortunate and prettier friends who are (sigh) dancing...........

1.1 Gotta Woodie Today
1.2 Undertow
1.3 Run Don't Walk
1.4 The Lonely Wave
1.5 For Sandi Grill and the Sea Cups
1.6 My Woodie
1.7 Malibu Pier
1.8 Surfin' Drums
1.9 The Rake Mystery
1.10 Bach Goes Surfin'
1.11 Minute Wave
1.12 October in Oxnard
1.13 Gettin' Air
1.14 Blue Lights
1.15 Hot Fat Boogie
1.16 Surfers Toe Jam
1.17 Red Tide
1.18 Bunyon Run

Rake & the Surftones: Rake & Surftones : Surfers Drive Woodies

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