Ral Donner: Singles Collection

Ral Donner: Singles Collection
Title: Singles Collection
Label: Jasmine Music

EU-only collection. Any fan will no doubt have already noticed and it won't take newcomers long to realize that, Ral Donner was influenced by Elvis Presley. So here we showcase the greatest recordings by arguably the best ever Elvis impersonator! Features his Takin' Care of Business LP in full which includes the hit singles, "Girl of My Best Friend" and "You Don't Know What You've Got". If you are a fan of the King then you can't miss this superb collection from an artist who is richly appreciated for his own excellent body of work, and these recordings are a fitting tribute to this hugely talented artist. Jasmine.

1.1 Tell Me Why
1.2 That's Alright with Me
1.3 Girl of My Best Friend
1.4 It's Been a Long Long Time
1.5 And Then
1.6 To Love
1.7 You Don't Know What You've Got
1.8 So Close to Heaven
1.9 I Didn't Figure on Him
1.10 Please Don't Go
1.11 School of Heartbreak
1.12 Because We're Young
1.13 She's Everything
1.14 Will You Love Me in Heaven
1.15 What a Sad Way to Love Someone
1.16 Bells of Love
1.17 Loveless Life
1.18 Sweetheart
1.19 Nine Times Out of Ten
1.20 Lonely Star
1.21 She's My Baby
1.22 Turn Back the Clock
1.23 With You Now
1.24 Pray for Me
1.25 For Love Nor Money
1.26 I Don't Need You
1.27 Your Skies of Blue

Ral Donner: Singles Collection

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