Ralph McTell

Ralph McTell: Best of Street of London

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ralph McTell

Artist: Ralph McTell
Title: Best of Street of London

Budget-priced comp of the best solo works by this studio great who has contributed to albums by Fairport Convention, Mary Hopkin and Bert Jansch. Approximately 77 minutes long, it features 24 tracks, including 'Streets of London', 'Hesitation Blues', 'Girl on a Bicycle' & 'Clown'. 1997 Kaz/Castle release.

1.1 Streets of London
1.2 Hesitation Blues
1.3 Girl on a Bicycle
1.4 Clown
1.5 England 1914
1.6 The Mermaid and the Seagull
1.7 Daddy's Here
1.8 Kew Gardens
1.9 Eight Frames a Second
1.10 Mrs Adlam's Angels
1.11 Kindhearted Woman Blues
1.12 Spiral Staircase
1.13 Wait Until the Snow
1.14 Rizraklaru
1.15 The Fairground
1.16 Are You Receiving Me?
1.17 Michael in the Garden
1.18 Blind Blake's Rag
1.19 Nanna's Song
1.20 Last Train and Ride
1.21 Lousie
1.22 Granny Takes a Trip
1.23 Too Tight Drag
1.24 Sleepy Time Blues

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