Ralph Singh

Ralph Singh: Stories to Light Our Way: Journey to the Wo 1

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Artist: Ralph Singh

Artist: Ralph Singh
Title: Stories to Light Our Way: Journey to the Wo 1

This professionally produced audio CD, complete with fun music and sound effects to capture the child's attention and make a lasting enjoyable impression, contains 11 stories from the world's traditions and cultures, especially written or adapted by Ralph Singh for children. Each story, told from the perspective of a child or an animal, teaches a particular value or reinforces a particular character trait, and encourages spiritual growth. We not only learn about how people all over the world teach their children values, but also find that they hold these values in common. This leads to a better sense of being global citizens and a greater sense of responsibility for making the world a better place. Coupled with service learning experiences the stories inform and instruct children how they can improve themselves and the world around them. Great for the family car and story times, as an excellent resource for educators teaching multi-culturalism and character education in schools, and for religious educators wanting to share more about the world's traditions to foster interfaith understanding.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Kingdom of How to Be Good
1.3 The Little Girl Who Spoke with Trees
1.4 The Turtle Who Just Couldn't Keep His Mouth Shut
1.5 The Real Bargain
1.6 Shifting Sands
1.7 The Child Who Fed Thousands
1.8 The Elephant and the Blind Friends
1.9 The Child Who Swallowed the Sun
1.10 The Little Boy Who Wasn't Afraid
1.11 The Elephant and the Stray Dog
1.12 Brother Rabbit and the Tar Baby
1.13 [Untitled]
1.14 [Untitled]

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