Ralph Zurmuhle: Communion

Ralph Zurmuhle: Communion
Title: Communion
Label: CD Baby

'As it is with great music, Zurmühle's music creates silence. We are left in silence, silence opens around us. And within this vast desert, a journey begins, a journey of adventure and discovery, but also a journey of return.' (Andrés Ibáñez, classical music critic of ABC, Madrid, 2012) Ralph's CDs, composed mostly for piano, have been met with international critical acclaim. Compositions from these CDs have been featured in films, multi-media projects, stage performances etc., both in the U.S. and in Europe.

1.1 A Fairy Tale
1.2 Sublime Moments (In An Ordinary Day)
1.3 The Train
1.4 The Ocean Beyond Time
1.5 Alone
1.6 Quadosh, Quadosh, Quadosh Adonai Tzeba'oth
1.7 Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh
1.8 Shalom

Ralph Zurmuhle: Communion

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