Ramon Taranco

Ramon Taranco: Adventures of Bo Segovia

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ramon Taranco

Title: Adventures of Bo Segovia
Label: CD Baby

Follow the musical journey that takes place as far north as St. George Street, Toronto and as far south as the streets of Máximo Gómez, Cuba and Nochistlan de Zacatecas, Mexico, then east to Brooklyn, New York and all the way west to the LA dreamlands. Tales of broken hearts and loving Elusive Babes. Listen to The Adventures of Bo Segovia; Bo Segovia, who, at age fifteen rides and fights with Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution, escapes into Texas, rides the rails to Chicago, and ends his odyssey in LA. Do you wanna Ghost Dance under Buffalo Skies? And when I'm feeling a kind of Isolation Blues, I'll pick up and play my guitar because the Blues Keep Thrillin' Me and the Spirit of Muddy Waters always keeps me searchin' and searchin' and searchin'. Music and lyrics are composed by Bo's grandson, guitarist Ramon Taranco, the Cuban-born Mexican-American raised in Canada who now resides in New York City. Ramon and his Havana Blues Revue--in the tradition of the old big band and R&B revues where one band and band leader backs and features a variety of singers--take you on a magical ride. The vocalists and instrumentalists are New York City's crème de la crème. Vocalists: Denosh Bennett, Eddie Bobe, Craig Derry, Danny Frazier, Marchelle Jackson, Eunique Mack, Ramon Taranco and Lee Williams. On drums and percussion, Eddie Bobe, John Jenkins, Danny Sadownick and Ernesto Simpson; on harmonica, William Galison; on tenor sax and clarinet, Craig Handy; on organ, Greg Lewis and Danny Mixon; on violin, Samir Shukry; on electric bass, Essiet Okon Essiet, Buster Hemphill and Harvie S.; and on guitars, Ramon Taranco.

1.1 St. Georges Street Overture
1.2 Babes Elusive
1.3 Buffalo Skies
1.4 Ghost Dance
1.5 Isolation Blues
1.6 Blues Keep Thrillin Me
1.7 Spirit of Muddy Waters
1.8 The Adventures of Bo Segovia

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