Ramsey Lewis

Ramsey Lewis: Songs from the Heart: Ramsey Plays Ramsey

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Artist: Ramsey Lewis

Artist: Ramsey Lewis
Title: Songs from the Heart: Ramsey Plays Ramsey

American jazz icon Ramsey Lewis, one of the nations most successful pianists, makes his Concord Jazz debut with these 12 self-penned compositions; his first-ever recording of originals.

1.1 To Know Her Is to Love Her
1.2 Touching, Feeling, Knowing
1.3 Clouds in Reverie [Solo]
1.4 The Spark
1.5 Conversation
1.6 The Way She Smiles
1.7 Exhilaration
1.8 The Glow of Her Charm [Solo]
1.9 Rendezvous
1.10 Long Before She Knew [Solo]
1.11 Sharing Her Journey
1.12 Watercolors [Solo]

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