Randall Kromm

Randall Kromm: Water Wheel

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Randall Kromm

Title: Water Wheel
Label: CD Baby

A lifelong musician, Randall reinvented himself as folksinger in 2009 and began playing regularly at coffeehouses, open mikes and clubs in the greater Boston area. Since then, he has performed a sold-out show at Club Passim, New England's premier folk venue, released his first CD (Water Wheel), and received a multitude of accolades from the music community, including nationally-touring singer-songwriter Christine Lavin. Why all the attention? Randall creates music that touches people. Combining the melodic flair and wit of an acoustic Elvis Costello with the lyric depth of a more optimistic Nick Drake, Randall writes beautifully crafted songs that illuminate the joys, sorrows, and struggles of everyday life with insight and humor. Randall performs the songs in a simple style, his expressive voice supported by understated guitar work. A veteran Boston-area folksinger describes Randall's performances as 'songs of common life, love, family, hopes, and uncertainty, presented like a conversation with a friend over a dinner table.' Randall's unique style shines on his debut CD, Water Wheel. In the title track, Randall uses the water wheel as a metaphor to express his appreciation of those whose "useful work in this one place" provides a solid foundation for their families, friends and communities. Christine Lavin has called the song a "modern classic" and 'a new folk standard.' At a recent show in Portsmouth, N.H., she called Randall out of the audience to play the song for her fans. "Water Wheel" was also covered by Don White, a New England performing legend, on his 2010 release, Winning Streak. In his other songs, Randall uses a variety of styles to examine experiences of ordinary life with insight and wit. In the wryly humorous "Forgetting on Purpose," for example, he reflects on the consequences of getting older. In "Where I Raised You,' Randall tells a haunting story of disappointment and self-reproach from the perspective of a parent whose child has led a troubled life. 'Shape of a Perfect Heart' and 'Miss You Mornings' are both love songs, but from different perspectives. The first is a folk-pop confection reflecting the optimism of new romance, while the second portrays the regret of a failed love affair with the jazz-inflected stylings of a classic torch song. Other standouts include the brightly poetic 'Speed of Time,' which sounds like something Jim Croce might have written, the bluegrass-tinged 'Falling From Orbit,' and 'Wishful Watchful Waiting,' a thoughtful song about maintaining hope in difficult times. On this debut CD, Randall's voice and guitar are supported by the gorgeous upright bass of producer and multi-instrumental virtuoso Seth Connelly, who also adds a poignant dobro to 'Water Wheel.' Raised in Manhattan, Kansas, Randall lives near Boston, Massachusetts with his wife, Pam, and their four children.

1.1 Borne on These Feet
1.2 Ghost
1.3 Shape of a Perfect Heart
1.4 Water Wheel
1.5 Speed of Time
1.6 I Can't Relax
1.7 Falling from Orbit
1.8 Miss You Mornings
1.9 Wishful Watchful Waiting
1.10 Where I Raised You
1.11 Forgetting on Purpose

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