Randi Driscoll

Randi Driscoll: 365 Days

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Artist: Randi Driscoll

Artist: Randi Driscoll
Title: 365 Days

Randi Driscoll's third collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer Larry Mitchell, 365 Days is a journey from dark to light. The songs are warm piano ballads, and pop songs with jazz and country influences- The music is a soundtrack to the singer/ songwriter's year......A journey from dark to light. Special guest musician Noah Heldman lends his percussion and guitar talents to several of the tracks. Guest musician, Tim Flannery, makes a special appearance for the duet a 'A Long Time Ago.'. A song of what might have been. The final track, Love is Love, is a follow up to Randi's original song, What Matters a benefit for The Matthew Shepard Foundation. Written almost 10 years later, and full of hope.... Randi's song will help benefit anti hate crime charities.

1.1 Witness
1.2 You Make Me Believe
1.3 So What (I'm Not Fallin')
1.4 I Used to Be That Stupid Girl
1.5 There's Always Time for Life
1.6 A Long Time Ago
1.7 Asleep with Your Ghost
1.8 True Beauty
1.9 That's What I Remember
1.10 365 Days
1.11 Love Is Love

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