Random Precision

Random Precision: Organized Confusion

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Artist: Random Precision
Title: Organized Confusion

Chris Gregory - Keyboards, Bass, & Lead Vocals Chris Maines - Guitar, Bass, & Backing Vocals Chris Walton - Guitar, Bass, & Backing Vocals Kevin Code - Drums & Percussion Special Guest Megan Holt - Lead Vocals on Wishful Thinking Backing Vocals on Sometimes, Pop Your Gum, & Room To Breathe Brennan Sullivan - Lead Guitar on A Million Good-byes Musicians Code, Gregory, Maines and Walton have worked together since the mid 1990's. Hooking up this time was easy; all the members synchronized instantly. The four spent a few months writing songs. The next year and a half was spent writing, rehearsing, and jamming. Members are always encouraged to throw in their own musical style, perspective and influences. Many rehearsals have started out with a single chord and ended with a 20 to 30 minute jam. Most of these sessions were recorded - and a lot of creative ideas popped out. Groups from the late 60's thru the 70's have always been a strong influence on the band members. They enjoy listening to everything from psychedelic, blues, fusion and progressive rock. Being fans of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett it was only natural they chose the name 'Random Precision'. In the early months of 2003 the band begain recording demos of their progress. We decided not to book studio time knowing this was going to be a pricey project ($$$!!!! - ouch!!!). We will be our master... So we set up shop in Maines's basement and decided to build our own Digital Audio Studio (DAW), which Kevin later jokingly coined, "Mainesland Studio" - the name stuck. In the spring of 2006 our eponymous first CD "Random Precision" was released. In 2007, production for the second RP CD commenced. During this time "Mainesland Studio" leant it's recording studio and expertise to several new and talented bands, establishing their own recording projects. A second business of musical "philanthropy" was born. The second Random Precision CD titled "Organized Confusion" was released in December 2010.

1.1 In the Future
1.2 A Million Good-Byes
1.3 Dead Rock Star
1.4 A Crush
1.5 Sometimes
1.6 Joys of Driving
1.7 Wishful Thinking
1.8 Firecracker
1.9 Ready or Not
1.10 Room to Breathe
1.11 Pop Your Gum
1.12 Probation Officer

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