Randy Everett: My Flying Dream

Randy Everett: My Flying Dream
Title: My Flying Dream
Label: CD Baby

'My Flying Dream', the debut album from contemporary jazz guitarist and composer Randy Everett, will borrow your imagination and fill your mind with sonic imagery.  It's late spring with mild temperatures, a clear sky,and the sun has almost set.  Get into your car, roll down the windows, find an open stretch of road, and put  this CD into the player.  You are about to go for a ride.

1.1 My Flying Dream
1.2 Earth in Sight
1.3 Fireflies in a Jar
1.4 Sailing to the Sun
1.5 Skylight
1.6 Zawinul Sunday Morning
1.7 Honey Island Swamp
1.8 Two Friends Talking
1.9 Crop Circle Farmer
1.10 Anndarain Began
2.1 Contemporary Jazz Guitar and Ensemble
2.2 Featuring Randy Everett's All Original Compositions

Randy Everett: My Flying Dream

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