Randy Hale: Songs from the Tall Grass

Randy Hale: Songs from the Tall Grass
Title: Songs from the Tall Grass
Label: CD Baby

Randy Hale is an award-winning composer, writer, and songwriter. The great-great grandson of three sets of Oklahoma homesteaders, Hale first conceived the idea for Songs From The Tall Grass when he and his wife, co-writer Emily Corey, set out with their two children in search of lost songs from America's homestead period. Hale has also composed the scores for a number of award-winning computer games including Steven Spielberg's Moviemaker and the Jump Start line. The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences nominated Hale for 'Best Composer' for his work in this field. His work has been featured in film and in television and he composed the music for CBS's critically acclaimed sitcom Thanks as well music for a 60-piece orchestra for the Disney/Kodak Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando, Florida, Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Euro-Disney, France.

1.1 A Home on the Prairie
1.2 The Colorado Trail
1.3 Lane County Bachelor
1.4 The Man Who Has Plenty of Peanuts
1.5 Hazel Dell
1.6 I Love Thee
1.7 It Never Pays to Fret and Growl
1.8 Boll Weevil
1.9 Be Kind to the Loved Ones at Home
1.10 Do Not Mortgage the Farm
1.11 Entr'acte
1.12 Once Was a Pioneer
1.13 Brave Old Plow
1.14 Put My Little Shoes Away
1.15 Home on the Range
1.16 Stay on the Farm
1.17 Prairie Lullaby/Hand That Rocks the Cradle
1.18 100 Years from Now

Randy Hale: Songs from the Tall Grass

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