Randy Luxton

Randy Luxton: Clean Your Room! & Other Songs for Kids

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Randy Luxton

Title: Clean Your Room! & Other Songs for Kids
Label: CD Baby

Randy Luxton has been entertaining audiences of all ages for many years. Not only is he a public school music educator, he is also a talented singer and songwriter. His songs have been heard internationally, and have also been featured on NPR children's programs across the U.S. Mixing aspects of folk, blues, and pop, Randy's easily singable songs are warm, humorous, educational, and always very entertaining. He writes songs that deal with subjects that people of all ages everywhere can easily relate to. The simple joys of childhood and of growing up are effectively portrayed in his music. Things like friends, parents, school, pets, household chores, and even favorite foods are just a few of the subjects that Randy sings about. Randy's songs always emphasize high moral values and positive personal and family relationships. Randy's album "CLEAN YOUR ROOM !!! and other songs for kids" comes highly recommended by many parents, teachers, school principals, and countless children . It's already a huge success with children and parents alike.

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